How JAK’s Work

JAK’s Professional Decoration and Design  are a female run family business. We provide a bespoke Decoration and Design service to The Bristol and surrounding area. All our work is carried out to the highest standards, ensuring our clients obtain the best finish possible.

  • Communication: We provide you with the best standard of materials to ensure the highest quality of work. Throughout the duration of the project we will recommend and advise you to the best of our knowledge. As members of the Painting and Decorating Association and  City and Guild’s qualified, our success is based on honesty total transparency, a quality finish and a phenomenal work ethic!
  • Preparation: We take great care and pay the utmost attention to detail  in our preparatory work.  This is essential in-order to guarantee the best possible finish.
  • Cleanliness and Care: JAK’s take pride and care with all our clients properties.  We maintain a peaceful, clean, tidy and safe workplace throughout the duration of our stay.
  • The Quote: We quote for decorating and for the protection of surrounding areas. Access to obstructed surfaces, and clean up time during and after the job.

We will clearly items all project details and costs on a quote before we begin.
The quote will confirm the following:

  • Price
  • Estimated project duration
  • Selected paints/materials
  • Scheduled progress payments
  • Terms and conditions

You’ll see that our quoting system covers every aspect of the project.